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As a trained and certified Integrative Health Coach by Duke Integrative Medicine, I integrate my allopathic knowledge, shamanism practices, and coaching skills, to help people who are busy, overwhelmed, stressed and over-extended create a lifestyle that supports their holistic health as well as their hearts' desires. I partner with my clients to help them identify their life priorities, create a realistic plan for sustainable transformation of the problem, help them move around barriers to success, and hold them accountable to agreed upon actions and timelines.

I offer individual sessions, 3-month and 6-month programs. Coaching sessions are not covered by insurance.

Join us at the AZ Family Counseling Center location for our monthly Directions 4 Wellness series presented by Sara Regester, RN, BSN, Integrative Health Coach. Each month Sara will present a different topic related to holistic wellness (body, mind and spirit).  The presentations are designed to be affordable, informative, and interactive.

Presentations are 1 hour long and only $10 per person.

As a Registered Nurse for 30 years, I saw how stress deteriorates our health and sabotages our ability to achieve success and fulfillment in our lives.  I also studied shamanism for 12 years and learned how some of our lifestyle patterns can throw us out of balance. Shamanism is an ancient indigenous art that helps people evolve and heal by connecting with Spirit and sharing this connection with others.

My philosophy is that a person's overall well-being is a reflection of how they are doing in their life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Illness, or dis-ease, in the physical body is caused by imbalances in how one engages in life.  Healing occurs once we are able to transform our thinking and lifestyle patterns to be more in balance.  I help people with chronic health conditions and health risks, such as smoking and obesity, create a plan to transform lifestyle patterns to create optimal health.

Sara Regester, RN, BSN

Integrative Health Coach